About Us

New York's finest one-stop source for state-of-the-art home electronics, phone systems, networking, cabinetry, and custom automation installation. Ever since Voytech Technologies Inc. opened its doors and has been delivering award-winning service not only to residents of Manhattan, but to people around the world. We are the only company certified to offer full line of Home Automation products from Savant, Crestron, Control4 and RTI.


The personnel at Voytech Technologies Inc. are certified professionals who have mastered the art of being able to communicate their experience and knowledge to their clientele. Few people have the time or inclination to acquire the knowledge and experience necessary to understand audio-visual systems designs. At Voytech Technologies, we take the time and effort to educate you completely. To accomplish this, we have instituted an individual consultation policy that guarantees your understanding of the design, installation, operation, and performance of your customized home automation systems.


We work with homeowners, interior designers, and architects. Whatever your needs: total home automation, a home theater that challenges the big screen at your local cinema, or a sublime two-channel stereo, our professionals are available to you at every stage of the project.

Home Automation
Unleash your dreams of ultimate home control. Voytech Technologies is the leader in total home integration technology. We are one of the few companies to offer the next generation of controls with integrated web and streaming media features. Let Voytech install in-wall touch panels or wireless touch screen remote controls which set the standard for controlling audio, video, lighting and shades.
What used to seem to be a luxury may now be a necessity. Some people experience a "techno-phobia" when they think of a complicated entertainment system. But imagine a home theater with a single remote control: you lightly press or say the word "Movie" on the touch sensitive screen and the shades are drawn, the lights are dimmed, the projection system turns on along with the surround-sound system . . .and the movie begins.
The Voytech Technologies has been involved in home automation systems from the very beginning and is pleased to offer ways to make the most advanced home entertainment a lot easier, and a lot more fun as well. Finally, the kids won't be the only ones who can use the new entertainment system.
Work In Progress
Voytech Technologies will assist you in planning, designing, and installing the ideal home entertainment system-whether you're building a new home, renovating, or just looking to consolidate your entertainment systems and hide all those wires.
Voytech Technologies is proud of the craftsmanship and innovation we have brought over the years to the art of custom multi-room installations. Whether you prefer to listen to the same musical source, such as CDs, satellite radio, streaming media or FM radio in all of your rooms or different sources being played simultaneously, our professional team will work with you personally and/or with your architect, interior designer, or general contractor to deliver a multi-room solution that suits your lifestyle.